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The Daisy Project

A new play area for Daisy Lodge

Works have begun to create a brand new play area at Daisy Lodge, with the help of our friends at Rotary Ireland. Welcoming the support from Rotary Ireland, Cancer Fund for Children Chief Executive, Gillian Creevy explained:

“As an organisation, we have been supporting children from all across Ireland since 1996 by offering therapeutic short breaks at our residential centre in the Mournes – Shimna Valley. Since April this year – with the opening of our new, larger Daisy Lodge facility on the same site – we have been able to improve and extend our services, and we very much look forwards to welcoming 500 families from all across Ireland during District Governor, Phillip Beggs’, tenure in office”.

Cancer Fund for Children welcome, with huge enthusiasm, the support pledged by Rotary Ireland this year. Rotary Ireland’s Community Project for 2014/15 will help Cancer Fund for Children build a wonderful outdoor play area at Daisy Lodge, which will be used by children of all ages, and crucially, children of all abilities. The play area will encourage children to venture outdoors and benefit from the fresh mountain air that surrounds Daisy Lodge after spending months in treatment on a hospital ward. It will be the focus of activity in the garden, bringing smiles to children’s faces during their short break with Cancer Fund for Children.”

District Governor of Rotary Ireland, Phillip Beggs, is passionate in his support for Cancer Fund for Children:

“I have witnessed, first-hand the great work that Cancer Fund for Children do, supporting families living with cancer. I believe that as Rotarians, we must support our own communities. It is my hope that by every club donating to The Daisy Project, we will continue to demonstrate our support to families in our local communities, whilst also upholding the Rotary motto of ‘Service Above Self’.”

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Updated on: 24th July, 2014