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Fundraising Toolkit

Promoting Your Event

Now the fun bit… tell people your event is happening. To do this successfully use different forms of communication and promotion to ensure you connect with as many people as possible.

With your promotional items in place, the next step is to start telling people about your event.  Think about the type of event you are planning, who is likely to attend and put up posters and flyers anywhere you think they might see them, for example, leisure centres, businesses, local shops, libraries and community centres.

Invite all of your family, friends and colleagues – it is a great chance to support a local charity and have a catch up.

Involve your local media – call your local paper or radio, or send a press release. If you are sending a press release, follow the tips below:

Press Releases – Key elements for success

Assume the reader knows nothing about the event so give as much detail as possible – think Who, What, When, Where, Why.

  • Sum up the main point of the story in the first line to capture the journalist’s interest.
  • Do you have a personal link to the charity? Add in a quote explaining why you are holding the event and why the charity is special to you.
  • Make sure your press release is well spaced and easy to read.
  • Send good, well captioned photographs – a story will have more chance of being covered if it is accompanied by photos.
  • Don’t forget to add your contact details, and information about your online fundraising page such as a JustGiving page.
  • Speak to someone from the newspaper. If you’re holding an event, tell the newspaper in advance – they may be interested in attending. Alternatively, if you’re sending through a press release or photographs, follow up with a phone call to check that they have received it and if they are interested in using it.
  • If in doubt, Cancer Fund for Children is here to help. We have a dedicated Communications Department that will offer advice to anyone wanting media assistance. Please call us on 028 9080 5599 or email

Get connected online

The more people you invite, the more money you will raise for children living with cancer. Email, text, and post the details of your event online to all your friends, family and contacts.

You could create an event on Facebook and invite your contacts to attend. Or what about Twitter? Tweet about your fundraiser and encourage your followers to spread the word even further.

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