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Whether you would like to embark on an adrenaline-charged parachute jump, summit Northern Ireland’s highest mountain, or fulfill a lifetime ambition such as trekking the Great Wall of China, we can find the right event for you!

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

1st September, 2015 till 30th September, 2015

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The Bog Run

11th October, 2015 till 11th October, 2015

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Zipline the Lagan

19th September, 2015 till 20th September, 2015

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1st September, 2015 till 30th June, 2016

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Funsie in a Onesie

19th October, 2015 till 23rd October, 2015

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The Halloweeee Skydive

31st October, 2015 till 31st October, 2015

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