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Gimme 5 - 28th April, 2017

Gimme 5

When: 28th April, 2017
Cost: £5 per month (or as much as you can afford)
Contact: 028 9080 5599



Gimme 5 Day


Throughout the month of April, we’re asking you to ‘Gimme 5’, to help support families whose lives have been devastated by cancer these families, so they don’t have to face it alone.

Working alongside Q Radio, we’re asking you to sign up to give just £5 a month to help support our work in providing a range of practical, emotional and financial support to families affected by cancer.

On Friday 28th April, we’ll be live across the Q Radio airwaves with ‘Gimme 5’ day as we try to encourage hundreds of you to dig deep and sign up to give a regular donation to Cancer Fund for Children.


Rhys’ StoryGimme 5 Give £5 a month and support families like Noel's


“You never expect it to happen to your own child. You hear about people getting cancer but you think about adults, not children, and especially not yours”

Noel Nash’s son Rhys was diagnosed with cancer in October 2014 when he was just three years old. The family’s lives were turned upside down in an instant, throwing them in to what they described as a ‘nightmare’.

Rhys had to go to Newcastle in England for six courses of specialist cancer treatment, meaning he was separated from his twin brother Cein and other family members numerous times. It was a very difficult and stressful time for all the family.

The Nash family received a grant from Cancer Fund for Children, to help them cope with the financial impact of having to travel back and forth to England for Rhys’ cancer treatment. Noel said that without this financial support, they wouldn’t have been able to cope.

Your regular donations could make a huge difference to families like Rhys’ who need our support.


Make a Difference


Just £5 a month (less than 17p per day) could make a huge difference to local families. For example, it could help provide:


  • A child or teenager living with cancer with one-to-one support with a Cancer Fund for Children Specialist.
  • A teenager affected by cancer with the opportunity to share experiences with other young people at Cancer Fund for Children’s residential centre.
  • A family whose lives have been devastated by a cancer with a short break at Cancer Fund for Children’s therapeutic short break centre.
  • A parent heat their home whilst their child’s immune system is suppressed during their cancer treatment.
  • Bereavement support to a family who have lost a child to cancer.


Sign Up Now

To support local families affected by cancer now, go to:

Or text FIVE to 87080 to sign up to donate £5 a month.

A member of Cancer Fund for Children’s team will call you back to set up your monthly donation over the phone.